Chapter 1736 Too Late to Report

The biggest scandal takes place at the police station when Beto and the tenants continue to 'drive' Vera to the kidnapping division.

Vera continues to struggle as if she's being dragged into a madhouse, “NO, LET ME GO FOR GOD'S SAKE!”

Ivan comes out of his office, disgusted with the melodrama, “What's going on here?”

Beto addresses him, “I need to speak with Sergeant Moraes or someone who was in charge of investigating Renan Vasconcelos.”

Ivan takes a deep breath in boredom. He thought he got rid of this case, “Who referred me?”

“Detective Amoreira said you had the hot potato.” Beto smiles.

“Let go of me, Beto, I beg you!” Vera is already hoarse from screaming.

But Beto continues, “Sergeant, this is my sister Vera Reis, the victim.”

“The victim who just wanted to make a complaint over the phone, without providing more details that could help in the industrialist’s arrest?” Ivan asks this question which at the same time answers, “I can’t be blamed for the guy being on the loose.”

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