Chapter 1738 Security Measures (1)

Melissa and Kelvin safely return to Crystal Blue. Diane and Frederick applaud the couple.

“Calm down, people, the situation was not so serious,” Melissa responds calmly.

But Dr. Silvana insisted on accompanying her, “What do you mean, Melissa? All care is still little. You need to rest for the babies to be born and grow healthy. That's what you want, isn't it?”

“Of course I want this,” Melissa responds with tears in her eyes.

Diane informs them, “Daryl left to pick up Alan and Caroline from school.”

The restaurant door opens and those mentioned enter desperately.

“MOMMY!” Alan and Caroline run and hug Melissa. The three end up crying.

“Calm down, my kids, mommy is fine.”

“I don't want you to die, Mommy,” Alan exclaims in distress.

Diane can't resist and ends up crying too. How long will we have violence in this city?

Kelvin is looking somber, “Well, now that you're all here, you better head to the police station.”

“What’s the use of going to the police station?” Daryl dismissively ask
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