Chapter 1739 Security Measures (2)

At Crystal Blue, Josias is relieved to see that Melissa is safe and sound.

“Daddy, you don't have to worry.” Caroline says angelically, “Mom and Kelvin promised that everything will be fine.”

Adults are embarrassed. How do you explain to Caroline that JOSIAS is the one making sure things are okay?

Josias smiles slightly and strokes his daughter's hair, “OK, princess. You better go home with your mother.”

Dr. Silvana approaches him, “Mr. Rocha, we were just going to the penthouse. Don't worry, Melissa and the twins are doing fine.”

“Thank you, Dr. Silvana. You've been a loyal doctor. If you need anything...”

“I need a boyfriend,” Silvana responds unexpectedly, making everyone laugh with the unusual reply.

Kelvin approaches Josias, “Don't worry, buddy. I'm going to the police station right now.”

“Let's go together. Nobody touches someone I love.” Josias responds coldly.

Kelvin nods. The two gentlemen withdraw.

“Where did dad go?” Alan asks.

“He went to the police station with Kelvin,” M
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