Chapter 1782 Josias and Renan, Arrested?

Diane enters her husband's office and finds him watching a sheet being printed by the computer. She closes the door and finds his closed expression strange.

“Are you printing out the financial report for the restaurant, dear?”

“No.” Daryl responds dryly, “I'm printing out a rude letter to answer my mother's insult. If we have kids, she'll ask if you slept with another guy!”

Diane shakes her head, “Impossible, my love. She doesn't know any other guys, and you were my first boyfriend.”

“I know. And she knows it. But she will certainly dare. Before she bothers, I'm already answering.”

The printer finishes the command and Diane pulls out the sheet to read, “Dear Mother: If you ask if my wife Diane got pregnant by another guy, she'll take your guesswork and stick it in the—”

Diane turns pale at the typed curse word. Will Daryl have the courage to send this letter?


At the Rocha Mansion, Ivan Moraes is taken to the dining room. He is surprised by Octavio and Tiago.

“Am I being invited
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