Chapter 1851 Time to date

At Crystal Blue, Daryl is outraged by the awkward silence from everyone who speaks to him.

“Will Campos still hasn't started rebuilding Isabel Freire's house?” He spits fire, “What is she waiting for? Is staying in Kelvin's penthouse really that comfortable?”

Maggie snorts, “Oh, big bro, don't be so nasty!”

Diane shakes her head, “You don't seem to like the Freire family.”

“I like them and I am grieving the losses.” Daryl justifies himself with a frown, “Yes, 'losses' in the plural because Flávia Freire's non-return is another disgrace in their lives. However, I want to spare our family from getting too involved.”

Bernardo crosses his arms, “And what would be more involvement than necessary?”

“Did you forget that Melissa gave birth to twins?” Daryl gestures, “She needs to focus on newborns.”

Maggie snaps, “There you go with that pure bloodline talk. It looks like that guy with the little mustache back in Germany...”

“The difference is that I don't want anyone's genocide.” Daryl laughs
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