Chapter 1914 Buying time

Josias and Melissa are face to face, surprised by each other's visit.

“Josias...” Melissa starts to speak, “You didn't need to come. You sure have a lot of appointments.”

“One of my commitments today is to come here.” Josias assures with a gentle smile, “And J.J. is not your son.”

“Oh, J.J. started studying here?” Melissa's eyes widen, “Is he already seven years old? How time passes...”

“Yes, time flies. Even my hair flew.” Director Fernandez jokes while smoothing his bald head.

Everyone laughs. Other parents start to show up.

“Good morning, ladies and gentlemen! Please, the teachers are waiting for you here.”

William appears and smiles wryly upon seeing Josias, “Ah, the hysterical of the year has arrived!”

Melissa turns to her younger brother and frowns, “Will, you're not even going to forgive the parent-teacher conference?”

“Sister, never miss an opportunity to humiliate someone. Isn't that your ex-husband's motto?”

“What are you talking about, Will?” Josias asks sharply, “Is not yo
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