Chapter 1913 Non-existent Complaint

The next day, it was Josias's turn to go down to the dining room and not find Katherine having breakfast with the children.

“Good morning boys. J.J., where is your mother?”

“Mom went to the police station,” J.J. replies, about to chew the cornbread.

“OK. Eat breakfast. We have a parent-teacher meeting today, huh?” Josias widens his smile, “Have you been behaving well?”

Alan and J.J. look like 'little angels' and Josias suspects that they are the biggest troublemakers in the entire school.


Katherine is wearing sunglasses and casual clothes at the police station, fearing recognition. She leans into the front desk and a female officer answers her.

“Good morning, how can I help you?”

“I need to talk to Sergeant Moraes. It's about a crime that Mr. Josias Rocha denounced and he needs my testimony.”

“And you are...?”

“Please keep a low profile.” Katherine hands over an identification document.

Instead of yelling and asking for an autograph, the officer just smiles and nods silently. S
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