Chapter 1918 Understanding the Campos Family

Maggie sees the distress on Diane's face and gestures, “Come in, my dear! How can I help you?”

“I know you are the little sister.” Diane sits down, “But sometimes it's women who talk sense into men's heads.”

Maggie smirks, “Is there a problem with my brother?”

“It's that subject of the rumor involving Alan Rocha that is still yielding.” Diane scratches her head, “I told Daryl to clean it up, but it looks like we just added more yeast to double the mess!”

“What happened?”

“Mrs. Queiroz and Mrs. Motta came to the restaurant bar to question me, as if I was guilty of something!” Diane exclaims, “And I just blurted out that it was Katherine who started the rumor.”

Maggie narrows her eyes, “They didn't know about that?”

“From the faces they made, no. Mrs. Queiroz even drank the cognac in one go.” Diane smirks as she recalls the scene. Elza looked like a lady drunkard from a low-grade tavern.

Maggie smirks, “Hmm... Looks like Kate was looking forward to having J.J. as the successor and tried
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