Chapter 1937 Will The Marriage Survive?

At Lagoon City P.D., Amoreira and Ivan are slowly revealing the truth that will free Josias from ignorance.

Amoreira takes the copy of Maggiezine and shows it to him, “Here it is. Read the article.”

Josias narrows his eyes when he sees the photo. It looks like Kate was desperate and Claudio was pretty mad. His fierce countenance reminded Josias of a rabid Doberman dog.

But the article hinted at Kate more than at Claudio, as if Gabriela suspected something hidden.

“This article is less objective than the article my father wrote.” Josias hands the magazine back to the detective, “It seems that this editor Gabriela wanted to cast some doubts on my wife on purpose. Why did Maggie Marçal approve such an article?”

Ivan is bothered, “Mr. Rocha, are you saying that you agree with the writer being beaten and admitted to the hospital in serious condition?”

Josias shakes his head, “No, I'm just saying that Kate acted on impulse, but she had her reason. Please, let me speak to my wife.”

Before Jo
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