Chapter 1938 Melissa Doesn't Feel Desirable Anymore

In the Mountain Penthouse, Melissa was on the balcony watching the sunset. She had a cup of tea in her hands. Her countenance showed that she was thoughtful... remembering the last conversation she had with Josias.

Why had Josias been using such a magnetic, seductive tone lately when talking to her? Does he not realize how dangerous this could be for both of them?

Melissa shakes her head, reproaching herself. Stop these daydreams, Melissa! You are no longer a desirable and hot young woman! You are now a mother of four and on your way to turning forty! Not to be confused with your 'Sweet Love' female characters!

Kelvin comes up behind her and hugs her gently, “Thinking about what?”

“How Josias uses a sexy voice without realizing it,” Melissa responds in a playful tone.

Kelvin laughs. He's not jealous, except when it's William who blurts out, “Josias better clear things up with Kate, or he'll be single for life.”

Melissa shakes her head, “That won't happen. There will always be a bitch
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