Chapter 1941 Gabriela Is Not Doing Well

Moments later, Josias and Katherine were properly dressed and joined with Melissa and Kelvin in one of J.J.'s chosen living rooms. Melissa didn't understand why the lady of the mansion was glaring at her.

“Sorry we bothered you, Kate.” She begins, “But we want to know how yesterday's mess was resolved.”

“Couldn't you guys have called?” Kate lashes out at the words.

“Would you have answered?” Kelvin jokes, making Melissa giggle.

Josias is embarrassed, “Sorry, guys. But can we stick to the subject? I think you want to know about the progress of the case.”

Katherine haughtily cuts him off, “Honey, we don't have to explain to them. Come on, I'm hungry.”

Kelvin takes offense, “Wait a minute, Kate! You accused an employee of mine of sexual harassment and an employee of my younger sister's company is seriously hospitalized. What do you mean, 'no need to explain'?”

Katherine stands up, “I won't wear out anytime soon. Honey, hire someone from Damascene Lawyers to defend me. As seen, I’ll need
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