Chapter 1940 Motta vs Mountain

At Crystal Blue, Daryl couldn't believe that Octavio wanted to fight again.

He notes how fearful Jane is and says wryly, “You better not frighten your wife, Octavio. Remember, we're family now. Even though you want to stop us—”

“Listen here,” Octavio explodes, “I just wanted to stop you, and maybe your wife would be sacrificed in the middle. The rest of the Montanha family was still invited!”

Maggie interjects, “But do you think we would accept such nonsense? We would all boycott the wedding in protest! We are Veronica's cousins!”

“You guys should have thought about that before messing with Josias Rocha, and spreading rumors.” Jane asserts.

Maggie gets up from the stool, “As it turns out, we found out that Kate Rocha started this. She showed up at the penthouse and started the gossip.”

“And your brother was like a little woman meddling where he had none of his business!” Octavio roars, “And now you are plotting against his wife! She's not crazy, you're the ones who drove her crazy!”

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