Chapter 1942 Katherine Returns to the Police Station

Josias is very worried when Ivan informs him that Katherine may have problems with the Law. But Ivan seems to enjoy it.

“Mr. Rocha, this is what happens when people think they can do whatever they want.”

Josias looks suspiciously at the sergeant, “Sergeant Moraes, you aren’t being impartial.”

“I should have paid more attention since the day your wife asked to see me and she didn't show up.” Ivan frowns, “I'd waited like an idiot for hours.”

“OK, but now she has given her statement.” Josias tries to calm him down.

“Yesterday, after you pressed her.” Ivan grumbles, “I still don't quite believe in the veracity of that statement. And even if it were true, nothing justifies the aggression against the editor. That's why I came exclusively for this.”

Katherine descends the stairs and heads for the foyer, but her steps freeze when she sees the sergeant, “Darling? What's going on here?”

Ivan smirks, “Mrs. Kate Rocha, I need you to accompany me to the district.”

Katherine grew roots in the floo
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