Chapter 1974 What time does the soap opera premiere?

At Marçal Publishing, Bernardo, Maggie, and Gabriela content the final result of the latest issue of Maggiezine.

Gabriela retorts ironically, “Well, now Josias Rocha can't accuse me of wanting to offend his wife again! I didn’t write the article!”

Maggie and Bernardo burst out laughing.

Bernardo's secretary appears, “Sir, a young man named Cláudio Guzman wants to speak with you.”

The laughter ceases.

“Tell him to come in.” Bernardo gestures aristocratically.

Cláudio enters and faces Gabriela, “Hey, you were the one who almost died, right? Are you already healed?”

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Guzman.” Gabriela greets him, “It seems that we already know each other, but that's because we became famous.”

Bernardo takes the floor, “Mr. Guzman, how can we help you?”

Claudio is straight to the point, “Mr. Marçal, do you intend to publish what I said to Vernon Queiroz?”

Maggie, Bernardo, and Gabriela are embarrassed.


Melissa shows up at Rocha Mansion without really understanding what Josias
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