Chapter 2004 We're Not Half Brothers

At Marçal Publishing, João Paulo is getting to know his computer. Gabriela doesn't take her eyes off him.

“Do you have much time working here, Miss…?”

“Alves, but you can call me Gabriela if I’m going to call you João Paulo.” Gabriela smiles at him.

“OK.” João Paulo stares at her.

“I have one year of service, I graduated in 1998,” Gabriela responds humbly.

“I graduated a year early. So I'm older than you?” João Paulo also grins.

“What a thing, no?” Gabriela laughs, “Then I shouldn't treat you as a boss but as a colleague.”

“Fortunately.” João Paulo stands up, “Maybe I can teach you something?”

“It would be a joy.” Gabriela refuses to use the word ‘pleasure’, “And how is your half-brother?”

João Paulo's smile disappears like magic and the charismatic face turns into a frown, “Josias is my brother. Cut the ‘middle’.”

Gabriela widens her eyes and covers her mouth with both hands, “Oh! Sorry, João Paulo! It just makes me confused!”

“There is nothing to confuse.” João Paulo refuses to forg
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