Chapter 2018 Teen Tension?

João Paulo enters Bernardo's office dangerously and closes the door with virility, glaring at Gabriela.

“John, why are you so nervous?” Gabriela tries to hide it, but she feels shivers down her spine.

“Do you really want to know?” João Paulo asks angrily, “Are you wanting to be attacked again? Haven't you learned your lesson yet?”

Gabriela rolls her eyes, “Oh, that? No, if your sister-in-law is paralyzed, she won't be able to raise her hand to me without me hitting her first!”

Bernardo tries to calm the situation, “My young people, don't fight. João Paulo, I was just saying to your colleague that the information still needs to be confirmed before being published.”

“This is the basic we learn in college.” João Paulo continues to glare at Gabriela, “I count on the professionalism of Maggiezine and Marçal Publishing for this. Excuse me.”

João Paulo turns on his heels and leaves with fury.

Bernardo sighs in dismay at Gabriela's lack of wisdom. She lowers her head, aware that she made a mi
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