Chapter 2039 Alan Doesn't Feel Safe

At Crystal Blue, Tiago and Octavio have lunch and talk about William's novelty.

Octavio almost chokes on the water he was drinking, “What? William wants to buy some part of our company? Let's sell as expensive as possible for him to give up!”

Tiago retorts seriously, “The master gave the go-ahead. We must obey him and sell our share so that we give 15% each. Josias would still have 25 percent.”

Octavio is not convinced, “What if William continues to buy until he exceeds Josias's percentage? Don't you see that's how it starts? If William occupies the throne...”

Tiago shakes his head, “Our master would never allow that and I wouldn't support it. WOULD YOU sell your share so that William would exceed 25%?”

“I don't want to sell even 0.5%!” Octavio exclaims.

“I will.” Tiago smiles mischievously, “William says it's to pass on to Caio later when Alan and David take up th

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