Chapter 2053 Diane Wants to Examine Herself

A few more days passed. At Crystal Blue, Diane keeps sad and worried about the impossibility of getting pregnant. Daryl finds her melancholy at the bar. Diane inadvertently put too much vermouth into the drink she was preparing for a customer.

“Are you alright, my love?”

“I'm the one who asks you.” Diane holds out the drink to the customer and walks away, “Are you okay?”

Daryl takes her hands, “My love, I'm not upset with you because we had a false alarm. I've already told you that.”

Diane takes a deep breath, “Honey, I've made another appointment with Dr. Silvana. I want to know if I have any problems. Perhaps... maybe I am—”

“Don't even touch that word, honey!” Daryl comforts her, “Alright, take the exam if you want to feel better, but let's not think about the worst, OK.”

“OK.” Diane's eyes are teary.

Kelvin approaches his brother

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