Chapter 2063 Just Like Big Brother

At Marçal Publishing, Caio decides to leave João Paulo's office, “Uncle, we'll talk another time. Excuse me.”

“I’ll call you.” João Paulo guarantees.

Caio looks at Gabriela suspiciously and leaves.

Gabriela closes the door and speaks in an accelerated tone, “João Paulo, you must hate me for good reason. But allow me to explain.”

“Explain what, Gabriela?” João Paulo suddenly smiles, “I know you aren’t a promiscuous adulteress. I was there, close to you, and I saw no immoral intent in the interaction between you and my older brother. Whoever took these pictures and sent this email is looking for trouble.”

Gabriela gets mixed emotions, “Ehr… you don't see me as a bitch?”

João Paulo stands up abruptly and, with the same magnetic and seductive gaze, walks slowly towards Gabriela, like a lion hunting a zebra without

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