Chapter 2149 Jane Sticks Her Nose Where It Doesn’t Belong

At lunchtime, Lorraine and Ivan meet at Crystal Blue.

“Good morning!” Daryl greets them, “Did you guys reserve a table?”

“Aren't you going to hire another maître d', Mr. Mountain?” Ivan asks curiously.

“Not for the time being. Customers are still missing my brother. Glad Melissa secured him for her.” Daryl laughs and looks for the reserved table, “OK, table for two, Moraes and wife.”

Daryl gestures to the nearest waiter and he leads the Moraes couple to the selected table.

As they sit down, Lorraine lashes out, “Honey, I talked to Josias Rocha. He explained to me his version of the accusation against Gabriela Alves.”

Ivan is surprised to flip through the menu, “Did you visit your boss to talk about it?”

“Yes.” Lorraine chooses roast sirloin with sautéed vegetables, “Miss Alves is lusting after you and using Josias Rocha a

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