Chapter 2154 Covenant of Eternal Marriage

At Vernon's apartment, the family is anxious about the results of the DNA test. João Paulo finds his father talking on the cell phone with someone.

“Yes, it seems like today. We are waiting for Dr. Silvana. As soon as confirmation comes out, I'll send you a message.” Vernon hangs up and turns to his son, “Hello, big boy!”

João Paulo is disgusted, “Do you want to publicize the result throughout the media?”

“You should also get someone from Maggiezine.” Vernon blinks.

“I don't want to get my son involved in this mess.” João Paulo crosses his arms.

“Too late, son.” Vernon shrugs, “Everyone in Lagoon City is keeping an eye on this baby, wanting to know if he is Josias's fifth child, in this case, daughter.”

João Paulo speaks more quietly, “Father, you know that—”

“I know, but what counts is the journalist

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