Chapter 2155 Daryl's Test

At Café Montanha, Francisco and Isabel were talking about the contract Rodrigo signed with the Lafayette Supermarket. The radio played “Last Nite” by The Strokes in the cafeteria.

“Son, congratulations!” Francisco applauded, “You’re growing more and more in success.”

“And this time, it’ll be a family commercial,” Isabel suggests playfully.

“What do you mean by that, Izzy?” Rodrigo jokes, feigning disagreement.

Everyone laughs. Obviously, Rodrigo won’t pose naked holding a cabbage or pumpkin in his private parts. The commercial will have to reach the whole family and not just the public above 18 years old.

Reuben enters, this time without his school uniform, “Here I am, Rod! Why is everyone laughing?”

“Adult jokes, Reuben.” Rodrigo smoothes Reuben's hair in a brotherly gesture.

“Speaking of adult life, today Alan made a pa

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