Chapter 2156 Sinking Like Titanic

Antenor takes the result of the DNA test carried out between Josias and João Paulo. Gabriela is sweating and nervous, hoping her baby is from the older brother...

Elza is impatient, “Enough of the soap opera suspense, people. Open that envelope right away and announce that Josias is the father.”

“Calm down, honey.” Vernon hugs her from her waist.

Dr. Silvana removes the papers from the envelope and goes straight to the last page, “According to the result... the father of Gabriela Alves’s little girl is João Paulo Rocha Queiroz!”

“WHAT?” Elza exclaims in disappointment.

Antenor and João Paulo wink in complicity. But the commotion is such that no one noticed the two doing it.

Vernon, aware of the setup, tries to ‘comfort’ his wife, “Honey, don't feel that way. Josias already has too many children, and having one more before marriage would result in bus

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