Chapter 2186 Another Guy for Nadia

Claudio visits the Lafayette Supermarket. He is enchanted by the place full of customers, filling the shopping carts, driven by the commercial that always runs in the intervals of ‘Sweet Love’, ‘Love Spins the World’, and on the TV news.

Ronan Keating's song “Life Is A Rollercoaster” sets the mood for the supermarket.

Claudio looks at the promotional prices, smiles assent, looking for someone from the Lafayette family. Nobody.

So he sneaks through the direct access to the warehouse and finds Nadia walking into her office (which should be Thierry’s).

Nadia is in awe of the effect the commercial has had. It was a necessary and wise investment.

When she is smiling, remembering Rodrigo gesticulating when saying ‘Come check it out’, with his arm muscles flexing, with his chest marked in the polo collar shirt, behold, another attractive man clears his throat.

“Caham, caham... Excuse me, M

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