Chapter 2209 The Unscrupulous Journalist

The next day, Daryl and Diane are crying their eyes out with the rest of the family at Café Montanha.

“Failed, people, we were FAILED!” Diane tears non-stop.

Isabel tries to comfort her with her hand on her shoulder, “But, Diane, calm down. One rejection is not the end of the world. Have you tried other orphanages?”

Daryl isn’t crying publicly, but his red eyes indicate that he did it privately, “So far, we’ve only received contact from this orphanage. This means that the others have written us off right away.”

Francisco serves them chamomile tea, “Don’t worry, you’ll make your dream come true.”

Diane sobs, “I’m seriously considering getting checked out again with Dr. Silvana! Why can’t I get pregnant, WHY?”

Daryl fumes, “Honey, don’t do that! No more exams, you already know the result. So, you’ll get more depressed.&rdquo

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