Chapter 2210 A Letter to Teresa

Gabriela felt punched by her father-in-law’s direct and caustic question.

“That’s not fair, Vernon.”

But Vernon bursts out laughing upon hearing this, “NO! My granddaughter is learning to speak, she already says ‘daddy’, ‘grandpa’, and ‘grandma’, but she doesn’t say ‘mommy’! She hates you and I rejoice in that!”

Gabriela was going to slap Vernon, but she remembers that she needs the job and holds her frozen hand in the air.

“Put that hand down! We’re not on ‘Sweet Love’ for you to stoop yourself to that cardboard scene.”

Gabriela lowers her hand, but smiles wickedly, “Looks like this soap opera was canceled, huh? The new writer didn’t know how to maintain Melissa’s excellence and the audience plummeted.”

“Why do you rejoice over something like that?” Vernon shakes his head.

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