Chapter 2211 Clandestine Exam

Against what Daryl and the others recommended, Diane dared to consult with Dr. Silvana.

The charismatic gynecologist and obstetrician felt sorry for Mrs. Mountain.

“By God, they really got it right when they said ‘money can’t buy happiness’.”

“Don’t say that, Dr. Silvana.” Diane blows her nose with the umpteenth handkerchief she has used to do so, “I am a happy, fulfilled woman. I have money, material possessions, fame, social prominence, my husband owns the hottest restaurant in town, we opened a branch in Victoria, and I’m going to buy a car of the year. Why wouldn’t I be happy?

Dr. Silvana stares at Diane in bewilderment, “But then... why are you breaking down in tears in front of me?”

Diane tries to disguise her incongruity, “Ehr... actually I wanted another exam—”

“Diane, we already checked you out!” Silvana interrupts her, &ldquo

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