Chapter 2257 Melissa Is Mine

The next day, Josias showed up at Daryl’s penthouse building. Felipe passed by with bags from the nearest grocery store.

“Hello, Mr. Rocha!” The young man greets him with a charismatic smile.

Josias remembers that Felipe is not to blame for being adopted into a family of crooks and greets him politely, “Hello, Felipe, good morning. Don’t your parents have servants to do the shopping?”

“No, and I don’t care. So I know the neighborhood.” Felipe responds politely.

The elevator arrives and they enter. Felipe presses the penthouse button. Josias presses Vernon’s pavement button.

Felipe looks at where Josias pressed, “Are you going to visit your family? They are good people. Sandra is a cutie and takes after her father. She’s going to be a headache when she’s a teenager, breaking the hearts of every high school boy.”

“João Paulo and I didn’t have

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