Chapter 2256 Wallace Offers Himself

At General Hospital, Daryl is bedridden, being treated by Dr. Braggart.

“The bleeding has stopped, Mr. Mountain. You need to rest for a few days because of the broken rib. Thankfully, we won’t need surgery for correction and stanching.” The doctor winks at him.

Daryl was about to sigh, but the movement makes his ribs hurt, “Ouch... I’ll have to breathe carefully.”

“Only for now. I’ll send a nurse to give you a pain reliever.”

Beto was nearby, “Thanks, doc. Looks like if it weren’t for Josias’s secretary, the friend here could have something worse.”

“How strange, I didn’t expect the people of Mr. Rocha was of this violent strain. OK, I need to see other patients.”

Doctor Braggart retires.

Daryl looks at Beto gratefully, “Roberto, I appreciate you taking me here.”

“You don’t have to thank me.” Beto gesture

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