Chapter 2277 It's Better to Acknowledge

07:00 p.m., Crystal Blue.

Cláudio was wearing a gray suit and matching tie, waiting at one of the tables for the partner of the night that will never come.

He rushed to make the reservation as soon as he had ‘confirmation’ from Nadia. Daryl chose the best available table and even discounted the price of the grilled salmon.

Now he was at the reception desk acting as maître d’. But to his surprise, Claudio’s lady still hasn’t shown up...

Jacques and Ingrid walk in, talking excitedly.

“Good evening, Mr. Mountain!” Jacques greets him, “Please arrange a table for two.”

“We know you have free tables,” Ingrid says.

Daryl is uncomfortable. Was Ingrid mocking the fact that the number of patrons had dropped because of the rumors? “Yes, we have vacant tables. Ehr...” Daryl lowers his voice, “I was waiting for Nadia Lafayette.”


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