Chapter 2316 Caio and His Shares

Moments later, Daryl returns to Crystal Blue covered in sand. William tells Tiago’s ‘boys’ to dispose of Daryl like garbage at the back of the restaurant, near the container where Felipe usually looks for something disgusting to eat.

“OUCH!” Daryl exclaims in pain.

After they leave, Patrick gets out of the restaurant with garbage bags containing leftover food. He is startled to find Daryl on the ground.

“Boss! Mr. Mountain, what happened?”

“I was temporarily kidnapped, that’s what happened!” Daryl tries to get up.

Patrick enters the restaurant. Seconds later, he returns with Felipe and another burly cook.

“FATHER! What happened? You went out to pay some bills and came back like this! Mom was worried!”

“No! Don’t tell your mother. You guys better take me to the penthouse. Pietro, can you drive?”

“Yes, Mr. Mountain.” The burly cook answered.

“Then come on, take me to my car. Son, don’t worry.”

“No, I’ll go with you, Dad. Pat will come up with something to justify my absence.”

Patrick is
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