Chapter 2317 New Investigation

Daryl shows up at the police station. Ivan welcomes him with effusiveness.

“Mr. Mountain! It’s a great pleasure to welcome you to my office.”

“How is your son, Sergeant?”

“Growing up, as it should. Now he can’t stop talking about ‘suspects’ and ‘search and seizure’.”

Daryl is still under the impression that Ivan is trolling him, but decides to stay on topic, “Call Amoreira. We need a thorough investigation into an urgent matter.”

Amoreira, as if he had heard Daryl’s request, enters Ivan’s office with a copy of Maggiezine in hand, “Ivan, you won’t believe...”

“WHAT?” Daryl is shocked, “Is the brilliant detective Amoreira wasting his time reading the summaries of the soaps in my sister’s magazine?”

Amoreira quickly straightens up, “Hey, Mr. Mountain, you should know that your sister only produces quality entertainment. Besides, you know my vision: these magazines let me know the people I end up working with. And I imagine you’re here to deal with such a matter, correct?”

Daryl shuts up
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