Chapter 2315 Melissa Had Nightmares

At the Lafayette mansion, Ingrid fearfully enters Thierry’s bedroom. At least, she is reassured by the fact that the place is clean and orderly. Thierry had never again forbidden the maids to sweep, dust, and wash clothes grimy with pee and marijuana. And Thierry kept his hair trimmed and styled, and shaved.

Still, his serious expression in front of the computer and Evanescence’s song “Bring Me To Life” blasting through the speakers intimidated her. Would it be a good time to talk to the son...?

“Sonny?” Ingrid clears her throat unnecessarily and takes a chance.

“Yes, Mom?” Thierry responds, still staring at the computer.

“Do you have a minute? I need to ask you something.”

Ingrid plucks up courage and enters the room. Then she sees what her son does.

Thierry was applying color and lighting edits, making a panoramic photograph of Lagoon City’s urban scenery even more perfect and pleasing to the eye.

“THIERRY! What are you doing? This... this photo is just mar-ve-lous!” Ingrid is fille
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