Chapter 2340 Daryl Pounces

Following day. William is wearing a real leather shoe in his living room. Caio approaches him wearing only sweatpants and rubbing his eyes, as he had just woken up. He finds it strange that his father is already wearing a shirt and dress pants. The supporter is near him.

The radio playing Linkin Park’s song “Somewhere I Belong” left the scene darker for Caio, “Dad? Are you leaving already? Where are you going?”

“Did you have a great time at the party yesterday, son?” William finishes putting on his shoes.

“Yes, but you didn’t answer me.” Caio insists, positioning himself in front of his father.

William smiles a little, “Don’t worry about me, son. Concentrate on the entrance exam and being an architect as famous as Octavio Motta.”

Caio crosses his arms, “You’re not going to tell me, are you? If it was something normal and no harm, you would have told me straight away. Are you up to something?”

William stands up, serious, “Definitely, Caio, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Your
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