Chapter 2375 William Creates Another Mess

William is walking around the Sunset Village arena facility. He decided, on his own, to see if everything was happening according to his will, rather than according to Josias and Melissa’s will.

And so, as he turns down the hall toward the dressing rooms, he is shocked and dumbfounded by what he sees. Not far away, one of the doors had a sticker with the name CLÁUDIO GUZMAN.

“This is nonsense! Where is the person responsible for this here?” William cries out to no one in particular.

The workers are embarrassed to respond to Mrs. Rocha’s younger brother since he seemed to be frothing with rage like a hydrophobic dog.

Wallace, wearing a white helmet, approaches the workers, “Keep working, people. We still have a lot to do.”

The workers go back to work, confident that Wallace will solve yet another crisis at the construction site.

Wallace smiles as he approaches William, “My friend, you should beware of your lack of mobility.”

“You ordered a lot of ramps to be built, which facilitates ac
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