Chapter 2376 Yielding to Temptation

At Saint Gabriel’s College, Caio waves goodbye to Alan as the heir’s cell phone rings.

“Alan, my class is about to start.”

“It’s her.” Alan smiles widely.

“So pick it up, Romeo!” Caio laughs and enters the room. His teacher closes the door abruptly, as if Caio was the only one left to enter, scaring Alan.

He noticed that his class was about to start too, but decided to answer it, “Hello?”

On the other side, Sofia is outside the Vaztrans company, “Hello, Alan! Why did you take so long? Am I disturbing your class?”

“Actually, I’m going to my classroom. But you can talk, Sofia.” Alan grins, in love.

Sofia, though, is saying in a soft, sweet voice, but not with romantic intent, “OK. I just wanted to know if you managed to get any information about what your uncle is spying on my father’s company. You said you were going to help me, didn’t you?”

Alan is slowly fading his smile, remembering Vera’s words...


“Sofia, I’m already at the door of my classroom.” Lie. Alan still had to cros
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