Chapter 2414 Unwanted Letter

Cláudio and Melissa continue to talk. Cláudio finishes sweeping and collecting the dust with the dustpan.

“How do you intend to help me, Mrs. Rocha?”

“Using your talent, Claudio,” Melissa smiles slyly.

Claudio gets interested, “I’m listening.”

“From what I understand, part of the confusion was when my brother Will got into a row with Olivia Vasquez by mentioning you, and she, in a tantrum, set aside a dressing room for you.”

Claudio narrows his eyes, "Ah, so that's how I got a dressing room while Rod Mountain was sucking his thumb."

“Well, the rumor is that you got the dressing room by sleeping with Olivia,” Melissa comments.

Claudio smirks, “I understand what you mean by ‘my talent’. But Mrs. Rocha, I didn't sleep with Olivia Vasquez.”

“Haven't slept with her... yet. But you WILL sleep.”

Cláudio doesn't seem scandalized at all, “Really? And how are we sure she'll fall for my charm?"

“I felt it when she wanted to knock me out with an aluminum clipboard. That must hurt someone's head.”
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