Chapter 2421 1984... 2004

At Rocha Mansion, Melissa meets with Elza and Dora in her private office.

“Good morning, ladies!” Melissa closes the door.

“Good morning, Melissa.” Elza has a catalog in hand.

Melissa views the catalog, “May I know what this is, mother-in-law?”

“Yes. It’s for you to properly call me mother-in-law in the future.” Elza hands Melissa the catalog.

As she reads it, Melissa catches her breath.

“Elza... It’s the new Happy Bride catalog!”

Dora sits on the same sofa as Melissa, next to her, “Daughter, look at these beautiful and modern models... But the price...”

Melissa giggles, “We can’t get too baffled about the price, Mom. Josias will pay for everything with a big smile. The important thing is that we’re finally free to formalize our union.”

Dora chirps, “I thought this day would never come! I’m glad I’m alive to witness my daughter reuniting with the true love of her life for the second time!”

Melissa puts the catalog on her lap and begins to meditate on the twists and turns of her life,
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