Chapter 2477 Time is up for Erasmo

The next day, the newspapers announced the victory of the new mayor of Lagoon City. Tobias was very happy, as this indirectly meant that he had won once again.

The inauguration speech was given in Ibrahim Square and broadcast live. The new mayor promised to follow the same promptness and competence as his predecessor, governing the city with love and justice for all citizens, without distinction.

Vernon was smiling in his office, waiting for the journalist responsible to cut out the best parts of the inauguration speech to publish in the newspaper. Meanwhile, João Paulo enters the room with an anxious smile.

“Dad, I think I’ve given Erasmo Vasquez enough time to fix his company, correct?” He asks, leaning on the desk, “Why are the buses still rusty and out of date?”

“I don’t know, son.” Vernon chuckles, “You’re the journalist to investigate this.”

“But what should I do if Josias is offended by my work?” João Paulo becomes serious.

“Talk to him first,” Vernon advises him.

“No, that’s L
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