Chapter 2476 Strengthening Friendship

In Beto’s apartment, Pedro and Maycon are watching a football match on TV. Beto and Teresa enter next and find their children.

“Maycon, will you help me make popcorn?” Teresa invites him.

“Yes, Mom!” He turns to his brother, “Pause the game.”

Pedro starts to laugh. How would he do such a thing? Maycon is confusing live broadcasts with DVD recordings.

When Teresa and Maycon leave, Beto sits next to his son.

“Pete, now that we’re alone, you can confess to your old Dad what really happened.”

Pedro feels cornered, understanding why Teresa took Maycon to the kitchen, “Oh, of course...”

“Pete, why didn’t you tell me that you were the one who caused my computer to become infected?” Beto asks paternally.

“Shame. Nobody likes to admit they made a mistake.” Pedro responds humbly.

“I understand. But you could have told me. I wasn’t going to make a scene among the tenants passing through the lobby.” Beto puts his hand on his shoulder, “You can trust me.”

Pedro stares at Beto, “Dad, I swear I didn
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