Chapter 2483 New Bus Line

Maggie visits Crystal Blue and talks to Daryl about what she decided. They’re both in his office.

“Daryl, won’t your new boss mind?” Maggie asks with some mockery.

Daryl smiles evilly, “He’s too busy posing immodestly for female perverts to drool over his naked body. Meanwhile, it’s like I never stopped owning this restaurant. The only thing that bothers me is the fact that my son was demoted to waiter and Pat was promoted to maître d’.”

“Why?” Maggie’s eyes widen.

“Because Felipe stayed at home for several days lamenting what Josias did. Pat took advantage of his absence and offered to replace him. When Felipe returned to work, Cláudio didn’t want to put him back in his position. For me, he did it on purpose.”

Maggie shakes her head, “I hope things can get back to normal. Meanwhile, I came to announce something interesting to you.”

“What?” Daryl is interested.

“Bernie and I decided to do a DNA test on Henrique to shut our mother up.” Maggie frowns, “She keeps saying that Henrique’s f
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