The Rise Of Alexander Hugh.

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The Rise Of Alexander Hugh.

By: Christabel Samuel OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Alexander Hugh was a struggling average young man managing his late father's construction business. He gave his all to Carla, his fiance and her family because he loved her, and thought her family was all he had. He was manipulated, used, and deceived by Carla, blinded by the love he thought she had for him. His father's business was taken away from him through Carla and her deceit. He was thrown out and gotten rid of. Will he survive? Will he come back for revenge against Carla once he discovers he's the heir to an empire? Join Alexander on his journey.

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Chapter 1
Alexander called Alex for short, was agitated, he hurried to open the door to his house not minding anything else."Carla" He called out as soon as he opened the door but no answer came, probably due to the loud music that was blasting from the TV.He needed to speak with his fiance immediately because his company was on the brink of closing.He walked closer and he heard playful giggling from the kitchen. He recognized one of the voices as Carla's own. The worry on his face turned to dread and he wondered who the second voice belonged to because it was a strong male voice as he walked closer to the kitchen area. He was curious to know what was happening.Alex couldn't comprehend what he saw as he got to the kitchen entrance. It was his fiancee sitting on the kitchen counter with her legs wrapped around this stranger kissing him passionately in only her white lingerie with her blonde hair falling freely on her back while his hands fondled her breasts."Carla!" Alex yelled out loudly b
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Chapter 2
Carla saw Alex's eyes red and was scared because this wasn't an Alex she had seen before. She went closer to Dawson to avoid Alex."Take your cheap ass ring!"Carla threw the ring Alex had engaged her with at him. "It isn't worth sitting on my finger. I'm too expensive for this shit.""What are you saying, Carla? Suddenly you are too expensive. Cheap ass! Really! I worked my butt off to get you this. I knew how many hours of hard work I put in to get you this ring." Alex spat furiously at Carla."You call a $3,000 ring expensive and you are proud of it, meanwhile Dawson got me diamond earrings worth over $50,000 and it didn't even shake him," She said, shoving her blonde hair out of the way revealing a set of earrings she wore proudly.Dawson, who was now sitting on a kitchen stool with a disdainful look watched as Carla spewed all abuse and scorn on Alex. He smiled and laughed as if the situation was entertaining to him.He stood up and walked closer to Alex. "You've never had the me
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Chapter 3
Alex stormed out of the house he had known for two years now. He had nowhere else to go. He walked for a couple of streets and sat on a street bench to recollect how he would get his life back on track after he lost everything. He looked through his phone to see if he had anyone he would call but none popped up. Just when he thought it was all over, a car stopped and grabbed him. His grabbers turned out to have been sent by Carla and Dawson."What is the meaning of this? Who are you, people, who sent you!?" One of the thugs who looked like the leader came up to Alex. "Dawson sent us, he gave us the go-ahead to do whatever we wanted with you, asshole," Said the leader sarcastically."What more do they want from me? They have already taken everything away!?" Alex yelled furiously at them in an attempt to show he wasn't fazed by them.Just then a few more thugs came around holding bats in their hands."What do you want from me!?" Alex asked again, sounding tough. But they just ignored
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Chapter 4
Alex was extremely shocked at what was being said to him. He looked at the doctor "Is it possible I got brain trauma from the beating I got?" He asked the doctor, chuckling softly."No Sir. We did all the scans and aside from your superficial wounds and two broken ribs, nothing else is wrong with you. You are in perfect health." The doctor assured Alex."Then, please explain to me why these two strangers are saying I have an aunt and that they have come to bring me home," Alex asked the doctor looking at him curiously.The doctor lets out a heavy sigh. "Please, he still needs plenty of rest. So make sure he gets that" The doctor said to the two men and walked out.Barnabe took Alex's hand "I know this doesn't feel real and it looks unbelievable, but you are the heir to the Hugh Conglomerates. We have been searching for you for quite some time now. Your aunt Eleanor has been looking for you. She sent us to bring you home to your rightful place."Alex chuckled softly at them. "You guys
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Chapter 5
"Hello," said a smiling Emma stepping into Alex's room with Lucas holding the door ajar for her."I'm so happy that you are safe and okay now. I thought you wouldn't survive when I found you. I was so scared!" Emma walked up closer to Alex to hug him but he was taken aback."This is Emma Sir, you asked that she be found and brought to you," Lucas said to Alex, noticing his reaction. "I found her through her co-workers".Alex took Emma's hand and held tight to it. "Thank you for saving my life. You didn't have a reason to but you did despite being terrified. But thank you" Alex said to Emma. She gave out a fulfilling smile to Alex hugging him again. "I'm happy I could do that for you. It wasn't a big deal.""It was a really big deal. You saved me even when you didn't have to. I'm sorry that they decided the best way to repay you was money." Alex said to Emma still holding onto her hand."It's okay. I didn't do it for money. I didn't even know you were Alexander Hugh when I saved you.
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Chapter 6
Alex refused to leave and it caused more uproar among the guests. "Just leave and save yourself all this embarrassment." One said. "I'm sure he just got out of the mental hospital. Or even an ex-convict." Another said. "We need to involve the police since he isn't leaving calmly. Who knows what plans he has in his mind." Said a guest who was closest to Alex. "I'm not a thief or an ex-convict, I'm Alexander Hugh and Eleanor is my aunt." Alex's fists were clenched and he was mad with fury. "What's going on here!" Said a masculine voice making everyone in the lobby turn in the direction of the voice. Alex, the receptionist, and the guests turned to see the hotel manager walking towards them with a frown on his face. "Why is there unrest in my hotel lobby?" "Oh thank heavens. I'm so relieved you are here Sir." The receptionist said. "That wasn't the answer to the question I asked. The manager said harshly to her. "Oh, sorry Sir. It's this low life that's causing the disturbances,
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Chapter 7
Alex followed his aunt and Barnabe, and they led him to an elevator. Barnabe pressed the button that had "Hugh Penthouse" italicized on it. The elevator led them to the penthouse. Alex stepped in with them. The penthouse had huge glass windows that looked over the whole city. It was serene. It was a spacious living room with high-end furniture. The furniture was of the finest quality. The luxurious space was decorated with the finest-grade gray curtains hanging from the ceiling to the floor. There was a black grand piano in the space and lots of art."Please sit here sir." Barnabe gestured to Alex to sit on the fine sofa as he was supporting his aunt to sit too."I'm not that old, Barnabe. I think I can manage to sit down by myself. Thank you" Barnabe and leaves her."Why didn't you wait at the hospital? We could have come to pick you up." Asked his aunt."I was tired of being cooped up in there." Alex stood up and walked to take in the view from his penthouse."That's true. But, asid
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Chapter 8
Alex saw his aunt's sudden happiness and wondered what was the reason."What is it? Asked a curious Alex."That was the captain. The helicopter is ready at the helipad to take us to your house." She said joyfully. Barnabe helped her up from the couch she sat on."We have a helipad, Wow! Okay. I'm ready." He supported his aunt to walk while Barnabe took all the files along. They took the elevator to the roof and took the helicopter.It was the first time Alex had ever been on one. He could see the whole of the city. It looked so beautiful from up there. Twenty minutes later, they landed in the most exquisite mansion Alex had ever seen. Alex got down and saw the mansion that stood before him. It was grand and imposing with greeneries encircling it. It had a classical architectural style, with detailed and ornate carvings and moldings. He was awed by what he saw.Alex saw an entourage waiting for him outside the large entrance of the mansion. They were dressed in specific uniforms. "Proba
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Chapter 9
Darren stopped at a park because he was instructed by Alex to do so. They got down and got food from the food truck that was packed close to the park. Darren stood close to the car with his eyes fixed on them.Alex gawked at Emma as she munched on the hot dog they had gotten."What? Why are you staring at me like that?" She asked as soon as she noticed Alex staring at her."Can I tell you the truth?" Alex asked with seriousness on his face."Sure! What is it?" Asked Emma as she dropped the remaining hotdog on the paper towel."I didn't want to live anymore that morning you saved me. I was ready to die because I had nothing else to live for. I had everything taken away from me by someone who meant everything to me. I thought life didn't want me anymore. But you came out of nowhere and helped me. And I'm grateful that you did. I owe you my life." He said calmly."You don't owe me anything. I helped you because it was the right thing to do at that moment. I was scared shitless but I'm hap
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Chapter 10
Mr Carson stormed out of the meeting in anger. He never expected that Mr Williams had an heir tucked away somewhere waiting to emerge one day. He left the meeting and a few of his friends who were also board members, who shared his opinion on the matter, left with him. Mr Graham sighed heavily. "Well, that's that. He looked at Eleanor and back to the remaining board members. "Mr. Cason is right in a way Mr Graham, you can't just spring this on us. Why wasn't this read or made known the first time the will was read? This is a huge responsibility and money and shares are at stake." Said one of the members of the board. Mr Graham spoke with them trying to make them understand and see reasons why that part of the will was never said or read. He told them it was all part of Mr. Williams's orders and that he was just simply obeying them. Alex and his aunt Eleanor kept quiet to allow Mr. Graham to do his job. After much talk, they finally agreed with what was written in the will. Mr Gra
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