Chapter 2490 Let’s Drop the Formality

Olivia is now in her office talking to someone on the phone. She is impatient with the meeting she had with Cláudio hours before, resulting in something she did not expect.

“Yes, the wages of drivers and changers have been increased, as my dear husband promised... Oh, didn’t you read that in the minutes? Well, believe me, my dear... If you don’t pay what we promised, they will go on strike, and we cannot allow our company to go through yet another embarrassment. Do you know how much we sweat to get João Paulo Queiroz off our back?”

Erasmo enters with a triumphant smile. He is slightly surprised to find his wife so stressed on a historic day.

“OK, my dear husband has appeared.” Olivia puts her hand on the mouthpiece, “Honey, isn’t it true that you promised our employees a pay raise?”

Erasmo was going to deny it, but something was stopping him. He smiles fakely and ‘confirms’, “Yes, dear? Isn’t that in the memo?”

“They say you forgot to type that part.” Olivia rolls her eyes. Those inco
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