Chapter 2506 Olivia Accepts the Mission

Sofia leaves after eating breakfast.

“Guys, I’m going to stop by Happiness Slum to get to know my boyfriend’s friends better and see how they’re doing with the minibus.”

“Take advantage and let them know that they will have another one running on line 118. The interval between trips will be reduced from an hour and a half to an hour, at least from Monday to Friday.”

“Thanks, Dad. They’ll love hearing that.” Sofia leaves satisfied.

Olivia takes advantage of the fact that she is alone with her husband to talk, “Now you can tell me, husband.”

Erasmo choked on the last sip of coffee, “Cough, cough, cough! Tell you what, woman?”

“What’s been bothering you since we started breakfast?” Olivia leans forward.

Erasmo swallows hard, clears his throat, and takes a deep breath.

After making sure Sofia isn’t spying, he reveals, “Daryl asked me for a favor. He wants you to seduce Cláudio Guzman so that he is demoralized and thus loses the restaurant’s prestige.”

Olivia vibrates with passion on the i
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