Chapter 2548 The Secret Begins to Spread

“Don’t hang up on you? But that’s exactly what I’ll do, bye!” Daryl barks.

“NO, you can’t do that!” Octavio bellows, “How are you going to feel when you know that—”

“Know what?” Daryl was about to end the call, but he heard that sentence and put the cell phone back to his ear. He goes back to the closet, “Don’t tell me you’re trying to blackmail me in a time of pain and mourning!”

“You didn’t get along with your mother.” Octavio mocks him.

“But I didn’t want her to die! Yes, she came here just to bother Uncle Francisco and Isabel, but I didn’t want her to become a mashed potato on the asphalt, how horrible!”

“Thierry Lafayette took some photos... But it’s not your mother smashed on the asphalt that I want to talk about. I want to talk about your mother naked in bed with another man, the man who probably paid for the VIP suite at the Rocha Hotel.”

Daryl’s eyes widen. After a few seconds of shock, he struggles not to shout so Diane doesn’t hear him, “What the hell are you talking about,
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