Chapter 2760 Octavio, Seducing Sofia?

Cláudio bought the newspaper and was shocked by what he read in João Paulo’s column. Sitting on the bench in Ibrahim Square, his hands were shaking, as if he were going to crumple the pages of the newspaper.

“But... Who saw us in the sand... was it Carol? But she protected me! How did these people find out?”

Felipe passed by at this moment and heard Cláudio’s last question. He smiled victoriously.

“How did the people find out? Obviously, you moaned so loudly that the residents of Sunset Village recognized your breeding dog voice!”

Cláudio removed the newspaper from him and glared at Felipe. “You... KID! Was it you?”

“It could be anyone. Your presence is stamped on the sands of the beach.” Felipe scoffs, “I better bring chlorine and disinfectant to step on the sand when I go there.”

Cláudio smiles evilly, “You’re jealous because you’re still a virgin and you couldn’t convince a girl to moan your name under you on the beach! You’ll never know how good it is to love a woman...”

Felipe ge
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