Chapter 2781 Graduation

Alan, Caio, and Brigitte’s graduation has arrived.

The ceremony took place in the large auditorium of Saint Gabriel College. Because of Josias’s presence and the fact that the heir was one of the graduates, there was a press presence.

An eager journalist from Lisandro’s Show spoke with admiration, “And now, ladies and gentlemen, we’ll be listening to the moving speech from the heir of Rocha Constructions, Alan Campos Rocha!”

Alan, wearing a typical graduation gown and cap, positioned himself on the stage and began to give his speech.

In the seats, Melissa was barely holding back her pride. The third generation of the Campos family was graduating from Higher Education!

Simeon and Dora were grateful to God for being able to witness this sublime moment.

Caroline took photos while Reuben joked about the formality of the ceremony with Pedro and Neilton.

“The next generation of graduates is committed to elevating the status of Lagoon City with seriousness and professionalism.” Alan said fir
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