107. “She's a bad ass, don't you think?" Richard smiled as he said to Cash who looked at him as if he had lost his mind.

When Macy left the villa, the people put in place to watch the place obviously called the big boss and I formed him that she had left.

Richard had it in place secret agents to watch over the place for the security of his family but never in a million years would he have thought that the woman who had just run a fever for a whole night would have the energy to leave the villa.

The men followed her as they were told and May, who was keeping an eye on Angela, knew that she had left her hideout and decided to go check where she was going.

May knew that Angela had something planned when she saw her drive with a taci out of the city into an abandoned factory where there were no signs of any life.

May watched as the gang walked in and she decided to wait and see what she was planning and one can imagine May's shock when she saw her boss's wife ride in, in an expensive moto
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