108. “Stay in the car if you don't want me to get mad," Richard hissed when Macy decided to get out and try shooting him since he had been standing there smoking for the past thirty or so minutes.

She didn't understand why she cared so much about Richard but she did. She loathed the idea that she had made him angry.

Maybe I should go and try talking to him.

She had thought and that's when he had asked her, not so politely, to get back.

But why is he so angry?

That was the question she couldn't answer.

However, she didn't understand why he got so mad. Wasn't she okay?

Richard, on his hand, was seething. He didn't understand why Macy would court danger. They had already agreed that they would face everything together but she had gone head first into danger without even telling him.

He crushed his sixth stick and then sighed heavily.

What was worse was that he couldn't even get mad at her. This was the first time he felt this way about a woman. He didn't understand it and all he knew wa
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