110. They had fallen asleep together after a lot of sexercise and it had been long since Macy was that tired.

She didn't even notice Richard finish because he went at it like a starved stallion and she had decided to indulge him and after he was done, she felt a cold sensation as he cleaned her body with a wet towel.

She had then felt him get into bed next to her and raise her head and she had been lying on his chest.

They were startled by the ringing of his phone and Macy sat upright disoriented for a while.

What? Where? Oh, hey, your phone is ringing,she said as she laid back again.

Macy had been used to such situations when she was still working for Lion and when she was still in China.

She was a spy and a soldier in their underground army and she could thus get calls any time of the day or night calling her for a mission.

Old habits die hard so they say.

Richard groaned and picked the phone as he pulled her with his free hand and made her lie on his chest.

"Hello?"He looked at the
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